When You Shop Local - They Do A Little Happy Dance

Shopping Local Makes A BIG Difference To Your Community

Have you heard the phrase when you shop local an actual person does a little happy dance?

We approached local businesses in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire and created a promotional video to show how much it means to a local business owner when someone spends money with them.

We Found Some Local Talent

We’ve found some really good funky movers and some Dad dancers too in our local businesses and they all found it great fun dancing and busting a move.

Who you choose to support and spend your money with locally determines which small businesses will be around next month or this time next year.

Who You Choose To Spend Your money With Locally Makes A Difference

Local businesses in your area make your local area extra special. They give our communities character, they create vibrancy and bring us all unique experiences.  Shopping local means you’re supporting your very own community and making a BIG difference.

Behind your favourite local businesses are local entrepreneurs, they could be your neighbours, friends or family. These people work tirelessly to provide goods and services for all of us, these hardworking individuals or families have poured their heart and soul into their businesses.

About We Get A Deal 

At WeGetADeal.com we're passionate about shopping local and supporting local businesses. Because we list hundreds of products, services, items, goods or experiences from local businesses in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire. It means each time you shop with us you're helping to support a local business

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If you’re a local business and you’d like to sell your products or services on our local marketplace on a no sale no fee basis you can getstarted here

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When you spend your money with a local business it actually means the world to them. Why? Because if you don’t buy local it will be bye bye local.

It’s crystal clear and happening in every high street across the U.K. If people don’t buy their products or services from local businesses they literally can’t feed their families or pay their mortgages. Its really important to remember when you buy from a small business and shop local its an actual person that you are helping. 

Do your bit to shop local and make that small change every week that makes a huge difference in a local business owners life.


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