We Made Oatcakes At Home

We Made Oatcakes At Home From Ingredients in A Bag...

As a proper born and bred Stokie one of my favourite things of all time is obviously the Stoke-on-Trent delicacy oatcakes. When I heard you could buy the oatcake mix from The Staffordshire Oatcake Company and have it posted through your door so you could make your own oatcakes we thought this was an awesome idea.

After making them I found they actually tasted better and fresher than normal oatcakes. With simple to follow instructions on the packet anyone and I mean anyone can make their own oatcakes in less than 10 minutes.

We thought this would be a great gift idea to send to someone that just loves oatcakes or a Stokey that has moved out of the area and can’t get oatcakes where they live now.

Inside the bag there's two little bags, one has got the oats and their special oat cake mix and one is yeast. You basically mix it all together with a bit of water give it 10 minutes and then pop them in the frying pan and literally make them as you would a pancake.

You can buy you own oatcake mix in a bag here

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In less than 10 minutes from a complete novice you’ll have oatcakes ready to go for cheese bacon or sausage or even how we sometimes have it with peanut butter and honey!!! I know it sounds weird but try it I promise it's a game changer.

We think the Staffordshire Oatcake Company have properly nailed this idea, by being able to have an oatcake mix delivered through the post that you can give us a gift a treat for a mate or simply use yourself on a Sunday morning to have your cheesy oatcakes.

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