Selling FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions  about selling on We Get a Deal

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What is We Get a Deal?
We Get A Deal is an online deal website where people discover the best deals in their local area. We’re on a mission to encourage people to shop local and support local businesses.
Where is We Get A Deal based?
We Get A Deal is based in Market Drayton in the United Kingdom.
Who can sell on We Get A Deal?
We currently allow sellers from the United Kingdom to sell with us. 
What can I sell on We Get a Deal?
We allow the selling of products and services from British based sellers. We do not allow the sale of medications, knives, drugs or vaping/smoking products.
How much does it cost to sell on We Get A Deal?
At We Get A Deal we charge a simple 7% commission fee per sale.
Do You charge a monthly fee?
No, there are no upfront costs at We Get A Deal and never will be. We support local businesses and entrepreneurs with No set up fees, No listing fees and No monthly fees. We want to provide our sellers with the maximum profit for their sales.
Why are your fees so low?
We Get A Deal is on a mission to provide an alternative affordable way of advertising to help you grow your business. We Get A Deal supports local business owners and entrepreneurs that’s why we provide No Upfront Fee Advertising.
What currency do you sell in?
The currency you sell in is GBP
Are there any listing fees for  my items?
No, you can list as many items as you want for as long as you want with no listing fees.
Do I have to create and word my advertising campaigns?
No, we create all of your advertising campaigns for you FOR FREE. Which includes uploading images, wording your listings and uploading your listings. All you have to do is approve them before they go live.
How do I get paid?
All payments are made instantly at the time of sale via our secure payment provider and paid into your PayPal business account.
I'm already using service, why should I use We Get A Deal?
That’s easy, We Get A Deal sellers make more money because our fees are so low. 
How do I know I have sold something?
We automatically send you an email to your registered email address once you’ve sold an item.
Do I have my own URL?
Yes your shop will have its own unique URL that lists all your items or services.
Can I see my advertising campaigns before they go live?
Yes of course, we send you a link to approve your campaigns before they go live
I'm not very technical is there a lot to learn?
No not at all, we do everything for you. It’s as easy as sending & opening an email. Trust us, its so simple even your Nan could do it.
Can I sell on other sites?
Yes of course you can, we encourage you to sell on other platforms to build your brand and customer database.
I've only just started in business and don't have a website, can I still sell with you?
Yes of course you can, we are open to new sellers and sellers who’ve been in business for years.
Why should I join We Get A Deal?
We support British businesses whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established business or just doing it as a part time hobby. We’ll help and support you on your business journey to increase your sales.


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