Virtual Personal Assistant For 3 Hours By Superstar PAs


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Virtual Personal Assistant For 3 Hours A Week By Superstar PA's

Do you need some extra time? Could you do with a helping hand? Do you find there's not enough hours in the day? Maybe a personal assistant could help you with those tasks you know you've got to do but hate doing.

The Details:

This is a non contract, ad hoc, use when you want Virtual Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant by the hour to do the tasks you need to do, so you can have more time to do the things you enjoy to do.


Here's A Few Business Tasks You Can Delegate:

  • Email & Inbox Management
  • Diary & Calendar Management
  • Full Scheduling Service
  • Invoicing, Record Keeping, Full Spreadsheet Account Preparation
  • Creation and Upkeep of Client Records
  • Email Management
  • Data Entry
  • Creation and Upkeep of Records, Reports, Policies, and Procedures
  • Typing Up Handwritten Notes
  • Independent Research
  • Comprehensive Travel Arrangements
  • Marketing & Social Media


Here's A Few Personal Tasks You Can Delegate:

  • Sending Gifts
  • Sending Thank You's
  • Arranging Travel
  • Item Sourcing


The Finer Details:  

How it works

  • Booking is required.
  • When you ive bought we ill send you an email.
  • Contact the seller to book in using the details we send you.    
  • All sellers details will be sent upon purchase.


Restrictions  -   48  hour cancellation policy applies, excludes Public and Bank Holidays.

About The Seller

Superstar PAs Ltd based in South Ribble in Cheshire was founded in 2015. Under the creative direction of Lara they understand the challenges that businesses go through, it can tough being an entrepreneur and running your own business. Undertaking important tasks for businesses or busy people helps to keep you or your business on track so you can get more stuff done and free up time to help you focus on other important tasks to help you and your business prosper.


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