One Hour Virtual Reality Experience At XP-VR


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One Hour Virtual Reality Experience At XP-VR Hanley Stoke-On-Trent

If you're unsure of what to do or what to play on at a Virtual Reality Experience Centre then this 30 minute experience is ideal as an introduction to VR to explore for the first time. Shoot zombies, explore new worlds, cast spells or fight off aliens and monsters in this 30 minute Virtual Reality Experience

The Details:

1 x 1 Hour of VR play

The Finer Details:  

How it works  -  

  • Booking is required.
  • When you ive bought we ill send you a confirmation email.
  • Contact the seller to book in using the details we send you.  
  • Present We Get A Deal confirmation email on arrival.  
  • All sellers details will be sent upon purchase.


Restrictions & Do's & Dont's  :

  • A full safety briefing and demonstration on how to use all of the equipment during your visit is provided to all players before using the equipment.
  • It is not possible to pause session time (i.e for breaks/drinks/remove headsets  etc) once the induction has been completed and the session has started.
  • Players must be between 1.4m - 1.95m in height, not exceeding 130kgs (20 stone) in weight in order to play on our VR walk stations.
  • Practice makes perfect. Players using our walk stations for the first time will need to complete a mandatory 5 minute training tutorial to get used to the special movements required. This training period will be included as part of your session time.
  • Save time. Sign your waiver online before you arrive.
  • 1 supervising adult (18+) to remain on site per booking for any players aged 15 or younger.
  • You can wear prescription glasses inside the VR headsets.
  • We can restrict access to certain age-rated games. Please inform at check-in.



Spectators can relax on comfy seating and enjoy a little tipple from the licensed bottle bar which includes beers, wines, lagers and Prosecco or even a hot chocolate, cold drinks and snacks too.


About The Seller

XP-VR Virtual Reality Experience based 62 Piccadilly in Hanley in Stoke-on-Trent offers fun for all ages to experience a virtual world.  XP-VR is  Staffordshire's premier virtual reality experience and the only attraction of its kind in the region. Where else in Staffordshire can you get transported to magical worlds, fight off zombies, hunt dinosaurs, lay down and fly on the back of a dragon as well as experiencing the thrill of an epic racetrack driving experience all under one roof?

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