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Crystal Bead Bracelet By Betsie Bijou Stoke-on-Trent

6mm genuine semi precious crystal beads strung on an elasticated band

The Details:

  • 1 x Handmade crystal bead bracelet with free U.K. delivery

Choose From The Beads Below

  1. Boudicca (STRENGTH). red tiger eye, carnelian mookaite and honey calcite, Channel your inner warrior with a combination that promotes courage,motivation,inner strength and confidence.
  2.  Paloma (LOVE & PEACE) amethyst, rose quartz, rhodonite, clear quartz. It’s all about peace and love with calming and loving rose quartz, heart healing rhodonite, peaceful amethyst and clear quartz ,the master healer
  3. Fatigue garnet, carnelian, red jasper. Get those energies high with a combination of passionate garnet, carnelian for vitality and energy ,and inspiring and motivating red jasper.
  4. Fortuna (LUCK) moss agate, green and olive jade green, green aventurine. Strike it lucky with moss agate (the stone of new beginnings) combined with prosperous green aventurine and green jade for luck and abundance.
  5. Alessandra (TRIPLE PROTECTION) tiger eye, obsidian, hematite. Shield your energies with the strength of tiger eye,the protective vibe of obsidian to remove negative energies and hematite to ground and dispel negativity.
  6.  Alora (SLEEP) howlite, white jade, sodalite, blue aventurineRelax into a blissful calm with the stability of howlite,peace and serenity of white jade, nightmare-banishing sodalite and calming, balancing blue aventurine. Sleep tight !!
  7. BALANCE A combination of dark and light to bring balance and harmony. The darkness of sardonyx is balanced by the purity of white jade, offset with a small sparkle.  A beautiful combination to provide stability
  8. MIGRAINE amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue aventurine, rose quartz. A combination that will help ease the pain,stress and tension associated with migraine.
  9. SERENA (CALM) lavender jade, lepidolite, white jade, amethyst. Find your inner calm with lavender jade for peace and harmony, lepidolite to relieve tension, amethyst to calm and white jade for peaceful vibes.
  10. FIBROMYALGIA clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine. A combination to aid physical and mental relief, manage fatigue, calm muscular aches and spasms and bring emotional warmth and peace..
  11. MENOPAUSE lepidolite lapis lazuli, hematite, fluorite. Lepidolite soothes and reduces stress and depression. It dissipates negativity and calms hot flushes .Lapis helps insomnia,eases migraines andheadaches. Hematite aids insomnia and relives leg cramps,relieves hot flushes and memory loss. Fluorite helps promote concentration and focus.A fab combo to go and slay the menopause dragon!!
  12. ARTHRITIS RELIEF hematite, amethyst, onyx, chrysolcolla. Hematite aids circulation and range of motion in the joints. Amethyst aids in promoting circulation and easing stiffness of the joints.Chrysocolla contains copper. It works wonders on joint pain, attracting vitamins and minerals needed to fortify the bones. Black onyx reinforces personal power and strength to overcome arthritic pain and keep  the mind calm and focused on feeling better.
  13. CELESTIAL Reach for the stars with this beautiful combination of labradorite, moonstone, sparkly blue goldstone and sunstone.
  14. NO NEGATIVITY Banish those intrusive negative thoughts with a combination of peaceful howlite, positive amethyst, gentle loving rose quartz and negativity absorbing onyx.
  15. PEACE OUT Find your inner peace with this beautiful combination of peace jade, white jade, kambaba jasper, amazonite and rainbow hematite
  16. SORROW BE GONE Lift your spirit with this gentle combination of grounding smoky quartz, loving rose quartz, sunny and positive citrine and clear quartz to amplify the gentle uplifting entries.
  17. NO PANIC Calm the fluff down!! A panic-busting combination of lepidolite, white howlite, white jade and calming sodalite.
  18. PURE BLISS A combination of gentle energies to transport you to a state of inner peace and calm. Pure energies of opalite, mother of pearl, white jade, white howlite, combined with loving pink zebra jasper , rose quartz and calming  amethyst.
  19. CALM WATERS A calming combination of soothing aquamarine, relaxing white jade and comforting mother of pearl. A gorgeous trio that will calm even the roughest of waters and transport you to a peaceful haven
  20. PURE PEACE Find your inner peace with this beautifully coordinated combination of loving rose quartz, pink zebra jasper for contentment, rose gold hematite to ground any wayward energies, and howlite for a still calm mind
  21. CHAKRA A combination of seven crystals each representing the 7 chakras and offset with hematite for further balance. Red jasper (root) Carnelian (sacral) Honey calcite (solar plexus) Green aventurine (heart) Blue aventurine (throat) Blue goldstone (third eye) Amethyst (crown)


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Betsie Bijou based in Stoke-on-Trent make handmade angel themed and crystal jewellery and accessories. Under the creative direction of Tina they pride themselves on making gorgeous affordable jewellery and gifts that are angel and fairy themed.

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Migraine, Alora, Arthritis Relief, Boudicca, Calm Waters, Celestial, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Fortuna, Menopause, No Negativity, Paloma, Panic Ye Not, Peace Out, Bliss, Serena, Sorrow Be Gone, Pure Peace, Chakra, Alessandra, Balance


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