Meet The Local Business The Staffordshire Oatcake Company

Ok, so it's official we've started a new series featuring the person behind some of your favourite locally owned business. It will give us all an insight of what it's like to run and own your own business. Especially the trials and tribulations of what it means to be an entrepreneur and how we must be resilient in this day an age.

I met with Mark who owns The Staffordshire Oatcake Company and asked him questions about his company that supplies fresh oatcake mix that is delivered through your door so you can make your own oatcakes at home.

From the moment we met Mark we could tell he's passionate about business and supporting local, so as you can imagine we hit it off straight away.

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What Was It That Made You Start The Business? We set the business up because we had lots of friends who had moved out of the area who wanted us to bring them some oatcakes when we visited them. So we came up with the idea of a dry mix where people can make their own oatcakes at home.

How Long Has The Business Been Going? We started in COVID and it tied in nicely as everyone was doing a lot of cooking from home so this was a nice progression for local people from Stoke-on-Trent who we're afraid to venture out of the house to go to the shops. they ordered from us and the oatcake mix was delivered straight through their door by the postman.

What's the Most Popular Item You Sell? It's the original Staffordshire Oatcake mix by far, it's a secret recipe that I bought from a guy who'd worked in the oatcake industry and retired he'd had the recipe for 40 years and he bought it from somebody else who'd had it for over 50 years. So we think its about 100 or a 110 years old. it's a tried and tested recipe.

What Would You Say Is The Best Thing About being A Local Business Owner? I'm very proud to be from Stoke and I can see there's lots of creativity in the area. There's so many people who are resilient and entrepreneurial and there's a really nice network of local businesses that we can work with together and support each other.

As always do your bit to shop local it makes a big difference, not only to the local business you chose to spend your hard earned money with but also to your local area. If you don't want to see boarded up shops and empty high streets don't be one of those people that complains about your high streets but then doesn't shop local. Do something to make your local community better SHOP LOCAL and make the small change that makes a big difference.

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