Meet The Local Business Punx Puds

Mike the Owner of Punx Puds based in Newcastle-under-Lyme is in the spotlight in our new series Meet The Local Business which features the person behind some of your favourite locally owned businesses. 

Tell Us A Little Bit About You.  

I'm Mike, I'm 51 and I live in May Bank in Newcastle-under-Lyme. I used to work in IT for 30 years and I had enough and decided to make puddings for a living. I make a quality handmade pudding for everyone to buy. I also run the Castle Artisan and Piccadilly market too.

How Did You Start The Business?

I used to make all the puddings for myself and I thought why not do something different before I'm 50 and I took the plunge and just went for it and three years later here we are.

Where Do Your Recipes Originate From For Your Puddings?

I've used family recipes and tweaked them over the years to get them to taste really nice that people enjoy and keep coming back to buy more at the markets I sell at. The markets where I sell them are the Castle Artisan and Hanley Piccadilly, Stone and Leek as well. I also make cakes too, chocolate cakes, Victoria sponge and traditional cakes and I supply local businesses such as coffee shops and tea rooms.

How Did You Come Up With The Name Punx Puds?

I like punk and heavy metal and I couldn't think of anything that rhymed with heavy metal that would be funny so Punx Puds became the name, it was that simple.

What Does It Mean To You When People Choose To Buy Your Puddings?

It makes me happy, when I worked in IT you weren't thanked when things were running smoothly but you were always moaned at when it wasn't running smoothly. It's so different here, when I sell my puddings people actually thank me for making my puddings and I thank them for buying them. I'm local and I love it when local people support local traders, I always support local businesses too as it's good for the local community and economy.

Tell Me All About Castle Artisan Market, Was It Your Idea?

I've been talking about it for over three years with friends and family, talking about how other markets work and how expensive they can be. Then the town centre officer for Newcastle approached me to see if I wanted to run one and we jumped at the chance. Me and my Son organise it and we co host it with the council. It's been very successful, we've grown from around 40 traders to today where there's nearly 70 traders here today.

What Local Traders Are On The Market?

It's a market full of local makers, bakers and creators and items which you won't normally find on the high street. There's pies, vegan cakes and cupcakes, oatcakes, street food, local artists and handmade crafts. There's a vast variety of all different items, we curate the market so we make sure it's the best and local talent too. We try to not have too many similar stalls, it's varied for local people to enjoy.

It's a market run by traders for traders, we keep the costs low and we really do care about our town and our traders. We want everyone to have a really good day and visitors to enjoy it and get the town buzzing again.

Do You Have Any Tips Or Tricks That You Can Pass On To Any Budding Entrepreneurs?

Think about what you want to sell, there's not many people that sell puddings so I was quite lucky. Being unique is one of the key factors, the second thing is to be nice to your customers and be happy and smiley. You've got to have that personal touch and it's nice to have a story too. A story about how and why you set up the business, because people like that.

What Do You Like About We Get A Deal ?

I like it because it's different to social media, it's a better platform to get the message out locally. It's a big thing for me that you're all about shopping locally and supporting local business with no risk advertising. It's great you've got so many local businesses on your platform and it just makes it easy to shop local without any fuss

How Can You See We Get A Deal Helping Other Local Businesses?

It's great because there's no risk, there's no upfront fees and you do everything for me. Your commission is really reasonable as well, it doesn't take a massive chunk of your profits when you make a sale. It reaches local people rather than other places where you advertise they ask for hundreds of pounds upfront and there's no guarantees it will work. That way can be a very expensive way to gain new customers

It's such a good platform to be able to sell locally, to local people by local people. My advice to anyone thinking about selling on We Get A Deal is there's no risk you haven't got to pay anything until you make a sale. I don't mind paying a small commission because you do all the work, which means less work for me.

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