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Paul Wilcock from Paul's Portraits based in Tarporley in Cheshire is in the spotlight in our new series Meet The Local Business featuring the person behind some of your favourite locally owned business. 

Paul is a premium level professional branding photographer and helps business owners not just be seen but be noticed by creating a strong brand presence that grows their business and makes them more money.

Paul talks to us about his journey and some of the trials and tribulations that many entrepreneurs face on the road to success.

Tell us a bit about you and what you do.
I've been running my photography business for nearly 15 months. I started just as we went into lockdown. I live in Tarporley, I was originally a police officer for 30 years and I've retired to start my own business.

What is it that separates you from other Photographers?
For me its all about the experience, making sure its second to none for my clients. Where I excel is in the customer photographer relationship.

How would you describe the business?
I take photographs for local businesses to help them market themselves, whether it be for their websites, for leaflets or any marketing where they need professional images. The images I take help them get noticed and helps to create their brand.

What goals or aspirations do you have for your business ?
As I'm a fledgling business at the moment all I want to be is successful and success to me is having regular clients using my services.

You sell your services on We Get A Deal how does it help your business?
I love the concept of We Get A Deal, because I can advertise on your marketplace and it only costs me a small amount of money only if I make a sale. As I'm a new business I don't have a great deal of money for advertising expenditure and the no sale no fee concept works brilliantly for me. It's a no brainer, I also like the idea I know you and if I want to make any changes or amends to my adverts it's just an email and it's done.

How did COVID affect your business?
It was a big impact, I have to be close to people to take their photograph, so yes there has been a slow down but hopefully we're now back on the up and that's going to change.

If you’d like to be featured in our Meet The Local Business series simply click here and tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch to help promote you. Oh yeah we forgot to mention it's free too

If you’d like to be featured in our Meet The Local Business series simply click here and we’ll be in touch to help promote you.

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