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Meet Mary Ellen the Owner of Born Stokie based in Hartshill is in the spotlight in our new series Meet The Local Business which features the person behind some of your favourite locally owned businesses. 

Tell Us A Little Bit About You.  

I'm Mary Ellen and I live in Stoke-on-Trent, I've been in business for about three years. I'm 40 years old and I've been creative since I was a young girl. I'm a local artist and I got back into it in lockdown, I love where we live in Stoke and a lot of my creations have been based around pot bank designs.

How's The Business Going?

I've managed to just take on my new studio which I'm really proud of, the whole point of the studio is I want to give back what was given to me and a create arty workshops for all different people. I'd love to host workshops for teenagers that can learn after college and art schools.

What Items Do You Sell?

I do a bit of everything really. I do one off original commissions work, I sell prints and merchandise from all my original artwork, coasters, bookmarks, plaques, water bottles and any gift range for any pocket and they start from as small as £3. I even sell bespoke Christmas tables too.

What Does It Mean To You When People Choose To Buy Your Artwork?

It literally blows my mind, it means so much in so many different ways. It's a massive compliment that someone would want my artwork on their wall. As a parent it's literally buying children's shoes, or the gas or electric bill and also putting investment back into the business and hopefully being able at some point being able to employ a local person.

Tell Me All About Your Most Popular Items You Sell?

It's funny because people in Stoke are a bit like magpies they love glittery things. I create a lot of gilded ranges and probably my best seller is a limited edition print which is based on pot banks including Middleport Pottery's pot bank. They're gilded with 24 carat gold and rose gold. Everyone is unique and they really catch the light. They're very impressionist and people say that it looks a bit like the film A Nightmare Before Christmas. Another item is a het pressed slate plaque which is very unique and again my best sellers have pot banks and kilns in the designs.

What Do You Like About We Get A Deal

It's great because you know how important it is to shop local and you're like the local version of Amazon, it's really easy to shop local and support local businesses in our area with your website.

What Do You Like About Selling Your items on We Get A Deal?

I like it because it's so easy to get my items on your website, you literally just took away all the hassle and made it so simple for me. You created all of the adverts and sent them over to me to have a look at and they were all laid out beautifully and worded and there was no work for me to do apart from to say I loved them. I love the no sale no fee option you do, for me I can't afford to spend hundreds of pounds and hope I get new sales as it's just not viable as a small business.

What Would You Say To Any Other Local Businesses Thinking Of Selling On We Get A Deal?

I'd say do it straight away, there's no risk and it gives you another way to sell your items and get local people seeing your products so you can sell them. The no upfront fee is amazing, when you have to pay for advertising upfront you just don't know if it's going to work or not and the way you do it where you only pay a small little fee if you make a sale just works for me and my business.

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