Flux And Co Barbershop, Newcastle-under-Lyme

The next episode of our Meet The Local Business is with Cameron from Flux and Co Barbershop

Tell us a bit a bit about you.

I'm Cameron, I'm twenty four and I run Flux and Co Barbershop here in Newcastle-under-Lyme, We've been here since the end of October 202. I originally opened in King Street in 2020

How are you finding business since covid and during covid?

It's been a bit of a learning curve, we did alright as we already had a booking system already in place but it has been a struggle. It was hard really hard I had to rely on family to help out as we couldn't open and cut peoples hair

How long have you been a barber and how did you become a barber?

I've been a barber coming up to five years now, I was working in a job that I didn't like in a call centre I hated every second of it. One of my friends was driving past a barbershop and he knew I had an interest in it and he said why don't you apply for an apprenticeship. And that's how it just happened

How did you find the premises?

I drove past this shop everyday and thought to myself it would make a great barbershop and one day it came up for lease

How did you come up with the name for your business?

We couldn't think of a name and then one day my Mum came up with the idea as a bit of a joke of using her unusual maiden name which is Flux. I thought to myself I like that it works

What is your vision for the shop?

I don't really know, I like the vintage style but not as in the traditional style of barbershop as it's all been done before. There's lots of really good barbers that look like that but I wanted mine to be different. We've got a whole lot of different things in the shop from parrots to The Beatles and David Bowie

What's your most popular haircut?

Skin fades are still popular but not as popular as they were pre lockdown, the seems to be more guys for slightly longer trims as well these days. Which I prefer to do the technical hair dresser style.

Do you do any speciality cuts?

Yes we do, we have a deluxe beard trim. It consists of a steamer hot towels and a facial. We also do the same thing for guys that don't have beards too

How would you describe the business?

The shop has a modern vibe with a retro feel to it and it's really nice to see people who you cut their hair and they're like friends

You're also setting up a new business, tell everyone about that

Yes it's called Flux and Co Threads and it's a vintage clothes shop. We buy in vintage and retro clothing in bailes and we'll hopefully be opening the shop and selling the clothes in the next few weeks to the public

What do you like about selling on We Get A Deal and how can you see it helping other businesses?

I like the fact that it's free advertising for the business, you only pay something if you make a sale. My advice for other businesses would be get it done if you've got something to sell and you think it's worth people seeing it then it's a no brainer. You make it really easy and do everything for you for free.

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