Bubble Waffles At Eggettes Kitchen Newcastle-under-Lyme

Mark from Eggettes Kitchen in Newcastle-under-Lyme is in the spotlight in our new series Meet The Local Business featuring the person behind some of your favourite locally owned business Mark owns and runs a bubble waffle and bubble tea cafe. They make bubble waffles, street waffles, bubble tea, milk teas and fruit teas in a lots of different flavours

Mark talks to us about his entrepreneurial journey and some of the trials and tribulations that many entrepreneurs face on the road to success.

Tell us a bit about you.
I used to live in Newcastle-under-Lyme but now I live in Longton, I grew up in Stoke and lived here since I was 5 years old.

How long has the business been going?
Around six years, it's a family owned business. First my parents owned it and after I finished university I started doing this full time. I've been running it now for over two years

Where did the name Eggettes come from?
It's actually for the food, the word eggettes in Asia is another word for waffles. I wanted to call it Eggettes as it's unique and people will hear it and remember it. People actually come into the cafe and ask me what it means. We've also got the chicken in the egg as a logo so it works really well.

What would be the best way to describe the business?
I would say unique, because there's not that many bubble cafe's in Stoke. Even in the whole of the U.K. there's not that many like this. Bubble tea is a small market at the moment but it's growing really fast

What would you say is the most popular item you sell?
There's two really, the brown sugar milk tea and the strawberry fruit tea too. With the waffles the dark chocolate with Oreo's is the definitely the customers favourite one.

How are your goals for the business?
One of my main goals is to branch out and open more cafe's. I'd like to open one up out of the area and then hopefully go internationally. Its a big goal but if you don't choose big it'll never happen. I also want to maintain the quality of my service here and grow my customer base too.

How did COVID affect your business?
During the first lockdown, we were closed but we tried to do as much delivery as we could but we were struggling. It was a total nightmare, even just getting stock as our stock comes from Asia and we couldn't get deliveries and we lost customers too.

What's the best thing about being a local business for you?
For me it's all about the customers, building that relationship with them. I'm here everyday and I talk to everyone and lots of customers are like my friends. We have good conversations which is something you can't normally do when working nine to five

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